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College student currently studying English. Residing in Kyoto. I like manga/anime, japanese voice actors, and manga artists. i also like strawberry parfait and puppies.

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  • Aries: Hetalia
  • Taurus: Hetalia
  • Gemini: Hetalia
  • Cancer: Hetalia
  • Leo: Hetalia
  • Virgo: Hetalia
  • Libra: Hetalia
  • Scorpio: Hetalia
  • Sagittarius: Hetalia 
  • Capricorn: Hetalia
  • Aquarius: Hetalia
  • Pisces: Hetalia



Most of them have at least once. I guess… agreeing with it or not really depends one who says it. Asahi calling me that is kind of creepy.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, everyone.

What, don’t tell me you wanna call it quits because of a little age gap.

Dad. I don’t want to hurt Ren… He’s my best mate.


Makoto and Haruka should just open their own swimming school together so Haru can swim all day without worries while Makoto teaches kids how to swim, and ocassionally haru would join him and they’d be both happy cuz they’re doing something they like.

anonymous requested: doctor x rose + unfinished sentences

"how was that sentence gonna end?" "does it need saying?" 
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You don’t know anything about human nature, do you?

Kageyama is definitely changing.


Somebody came back home from their study abroad Australia. 

Dysfunctional swimmer families got to have their sentimental moments. Also, I think Rei’s hugs are hilariously ridiculous. I just really like hugs.

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