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my name is rin matsuoka. name sound like girl, but i am boy. nice to meet you. please!!

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One Nitori Aiichiro gifset per episode - Episode 19 (ES 7)
↪ “Momotaro! You absolutely have to win and make it to regionals! Because I’ll definitely swim in that one!”

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KageHina dorks || Episode 21
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Ummmm rintori with number 14 please? If you want to



Kiss on the leg… I didn’t know how to draw this so I drew like an anticipated kiss on the leg and also this is so not remotely realistic but idk if they were childhood friends I would die happily

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...because he's everything I aspire to be.
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don’t worry, Nitori, I’m sure Rin is just being a tsundere


EDIT : Forgot to put the makoharu, so i’m just editing then.

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I don’t like her ma’am,

I love her

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